Near Real Time Rates

Sometimes your competition is too important to wait to see their rate changes.

Rates in major markets change and change often.

In many cases, a view of your rate changes is required every hour on the hour. Hotel Competes’ “Near” Real Time Rates tracking gives you exactly that frequency.

We supply hourly rate checks for each property in your Comp Set every hour during the business day. When a change takes place, we email you at the top of the hour to let you know what has changed.

  • Track up to 12 competitors you select
  • Survey rates for the next 14 check-in dates and a 1 Night length of stay
  • Check across, Priceline, Expedia, GDS and
  • Check the lowest available rate to see if has changed in the past hour
  • Email you a summary of what has changed by date and competitor

When your competition changes a rate and you MUST KNOW NOW – this is where you turn.

Never miss a critical change in your market. Respond to changes before the next potential guest starts shopping for the “other guy”. Raise your rates as soon as the competition raises their rate to capitalize on market demand.