Hotel Census

Keeping up with the ever changing North American Hotel market is a full time job. Let us help make your job easier.

With an industry that turns over almost 5% of its total properties to every month, maintain an accurate view of market is a daunting task. Hotel Compete is up to that task by maintaining the most accurate, inclusive and descriptive hotel census available on the market.

  • Hotel names, brand, brand parent and distribution system information
  • Location specific information including detailed geo-coding, airport proximity, landmark proximity and verified address information.
  • Aggregate rate information looking forward and backwards
  • Comparable guest review scores sourced from multiple sites
  • Amenity summary of the high-level amenities available by property
  • Hotel Compete’s proprietary “hotel classification” system that goes beyond star ratings, broad categorization and brand targeting. We classify each property “from the ground up” to determine the true competitive classification.

If it seems that every time you turn around a new hotel pops up, you are probably not seeing things, one likely just popped up.

Hotel Compete can help you track all of the changes in a hotel market from openings, to closings, to brand flag changes and all levels in between. Don’t worry, we can keep up.