Comp Set Analyzer

Objectively identify your competitors
the way a potential booker would.

Our algorithm emulates the consumer selection process, and gathers valuable data for comparison.

The algorithm within Comp Set Analyzer emulates the same selection process a consumer would use when choosing your hotel over another hotel. It considers location, amenities/services, reads reviews and assesses pricing. Then presents a series of measures as to why one competitor is more important than another. It is objective and impartial.

Assess your potential competitors from multiple perspectives.

Comp Set Analyzer allows you to identify weekend versus weekday competitor views. It also highlights your “user identified” comp set versus the algorithmic comp set. Finally, it provides recommendations on why a competitor might be worth a deeper look or consideration.

Don’t miss anything in your changing marketplace.

No manual effort required. Hotel Compete collects the data, the algorithm asses the data and the report is easy to use and understand. More importantly, we update the report often as your market changes. That way you never miss a new entrant or a rebranded competitor or even just a change in competitor behavior.

Analyze Consumer Driven Data

  • Your location and relative location to major demand drivers.
  • The services and amenities offered your property vs those at other properties.
  • How guest feel about your property from review sites.
  • How is your property is priced versus other properties.
  • What is the “value” proposition of your property versus others.